Providing a Great Public Education

A child’s zip code should never dictate the quality of education they receive. A good education is the first step in the American Dream for our children. I pledge to fight any and all attempts to privatize our public education system for corporate gain. Politicians in Washington need to stop demonizing students and educators and work on fixing the issues that face our schools.

We must make sure that our teachers and their classrooms have the resources they need to teach our children. We must also ensure that public schools are fully funded, that we make investments in early childhood education programs and that students get the proper training to ensure they are prepared for a 21st Century economy. Not every young person will go to a four-year college. We need to invest in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in our middle schools and our high schools that will prepare students for high paying, high skilled careers in advanced manufacturing and the trades. We should focus on boosting certification and apprenticeship programs that have the same value in the job market as a college degree.

Leaders must also do more to lessen the student loan debt that our college graduates face. A college degree should not mean a lifetime of debt.