July 31, 2018 • Press Release


A bombshell new report from the Center of American Progress details how much more middle class families will pay for their healthcare because of Claudia Tenney’s votes in Washington.

The report places the blame for rising premiums at the feet of Republicans in Congress like Claudia Tenney who voted to repeal the individual mandate and support the White House’s efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act, destabilizing markets and driving insurance prices up for middle class families. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Tenney still believes repealing the ACA would be a good thing for her constituents, many of which will see their premiums increase by an average of 24% because of her votes in Congress. In a recent article for the Utica Observer Dispatch, Tenney doubled down on her failed strategy to repeal the ACA, saying “ultimately, we’d like to see us be able to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

While Tenney has been taking money from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to fund her campaign, her constituents are paying the price for her out-of-step votes. CAP modeled insurance costs for three types of middle-class consumers who are buying insurance without subsidies. Due to undermining of the ACA, premiums are going up much more than expected. Here is the breakdown for NY-22 residents:

A single 40-year-old in NY-22 has to pay $630 more

A family of four consisting of middle-aged parents and two children under age 15 in NY-22 has to pay $2,510 more

A 55-year-old couple in NY-22 has to pay $1,260 more

“It’s clear that when it comes to her constituents’ health and cost of living, Claudia Tenney’s priorities are in Washington, not Upstate New York,” said Ellen Foster, campaign manager for Anthony Brindisi. “She proudly voted for a healthcare bill last year that would have caused thousands of NY-22 residents to lose their insurance. She voted for the tax plan which drove up premiums for New York families. And now she’s doubling down on her failed healthcare strategy, even as middle class families in her district stand to pay thousands more for healthcare because of her decisions. This district deserves a representative who puts their constituents first. Maybe if Claudia Tenney spent less time taking money from insurance companies and more time meeting with real people in her district, she’d understand the effects her votes have back home.” 

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