October 30, 2018 • Oneonta Daily Star

In Our Opinion: Vote Delgado and Brindisi for Congress

In the 22nd Congressional District, of which Chenango County is a part, the choice is clear.

Anthony Brindisi, D-Utica, is a state assemblyman with a record of achievement that includes some impressive examples of job growth. His efforts have gained him bipartisan support in that district.

He seems to be an appealing mix of progressive and pragmatist who would work to protect the interests of working-class people. He has pledged to work to close tax loopholes that blow up budgets and to work to end the influence of lobbyists and big political donors.

Despite ads to the contrary, he stated to The Daily Star editorial board that he would not support articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump — a sensible stance, though probably not popular with the left wing of his party.

The incumbent, freshman Republican Claudia Tenney, R-New Hartford, won the seat on her second try two years ago after an undistinguished career in the state Assembly. She has done nothing to distinguish herself since.

We encourage our Chenango County readers to support Anthony Brindisi.

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