October 4, 2018 • Press Release

Local Farmers Condemn Claudia Tenney’s Latest Disparaging Comments

Claudia Tenney is known for making divisive comments that put politics before her constituents, and yesterday was no different. In an interview on WUTQ’s Talk of the Town show yesterday, Tenney laid into Upstate dairy farmers who support Anthony Brindisi. After a farmer called into the show to voice his opposition to Tenney, she said that “any dairy farmer that supports my opponent is not a legitimate business owner.”

Local dairy farmers had strong words for Tenney following her divisive comments:

Mike McMahon, EZ Acres Farms in Homer: “I know many dairy farmers who are supporting Anthony and they are all legitimate business owners. To dismiss your constituents because they disagree with you on politics is offensive and wrong. We need a representative who will fight for all dairy farmers, not just the ones who will vote a certain way.”

James Entwistle, Steven Entwistle, Joseph Entwistle, and Robert Entwistle Jr., Entwistle Farms in Litchfield: “We live and work on the same dairy farm our father founded over 70 years ago. When times are tough, dairy farmers need someone in Washington fighting for them. We are supporting Anthony Brindisi. We are asking Claudia Tenney to take back her comment that anyone who supports her opponent is not a legitimate business owner. That was wrong and insulting.”

On the heels of a new trade deal that could potentially provide relief for struggling dairy farmers, Tenney seems more focused on denouncing the ones who disagree with her rather than working to ensure they can make a living. Her latest comment is another example of her unwillingness to engage with all of her constituents. Tenney has refused to hold free and open town hall meetings, and recently said it wasn't her role to do town halls.

Anthony Brindisi, candidate for Congress running against Tenney in the race for the 22nd District added: “Agriculture is vital to Upstate New York and our dairy farmers need a strong advocate in Congress who can fight on their behalf. I’ve visited farms throughout the district, and one thing is clear: people are sick and tired of the partisan politics that fail to get things done in Washington. By dismissing dairy farmers who disagree with her, Claudia Tenney is showing us that she won’t fight for everyone in this district.”

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