October 18, 2018 • New York State of Politics

Hanna Endorses Brindisi

Republican former Rep. Richard Hanna has endorsed Democrat Anthony Brindisi for his old seat in the House of Representatives.

Brindisi, a state assemblyman from Utica, is running to unseat first-term Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney, Hanna’s immediate successor in the 22nd congressional district.

The race is considered one of the top battleground contests in the country.

Hanna’s endorsement is not wholly surprising given the mutual criticism he and Tenney have exchanged over the years. Tenney unsuccessfully challenged him for the GOP nomination in 2014; he retired in 2016 as she was planning another run for the seat.

“After serving in Congress for a few terms, I know that real leadership in Washington means being able to stand up to party leaders and work with everyone,” Hanna said in a statement. “Claudia Tenney has shown that she’s incapable of doing that, and folks in Upstate New York have suffered as a result. We need people like Anthony in Congress who will bridge the divide to get things done.”

Brindisi used the endorsement to underscore an argument that’s run counter to the narrative Tenney has made in the race: independence from Democratic Party leaders.

“This is a district that has historically been represented by people who put party aside to work for the people of Upstate New York. Richard Hanna is a great example of that and I’m honored to have his endorsement in my campaign,” said Brindisi.

“Unfortunately our current representative is more focused on playing politics, making decisions to please her donors rather than bringing people together to solve problems. I’ve always been an independent voice because that’s what gets things done, and that’s what we need in Washington.”

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