August 15, 2018 • Spectrum News

Brindisi opposes tax break for wealthy

By Melissa Krull 

Tax reform was highlighted by both candidates in the 22nd Congressional District on Wednesday.

Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi called out the Trump administration for a plan to reduce taxes on capital gains.

Brindisi referred to it as another tax break for the rich, that would make it tougher for lower class families.

The Trump administration is looking to take inflation into account when determining capital gains taxes.

Another issue some have with the idea is that the Treasury Secretary might try to avoid seeking Congressional approval.

"That's something that I think should not be done through regulation. It shouldn't be done at all if you ask me, but if they're gonna do it they should go through Congress and there should be hearings for an up or down vote," Brindisi said.

Meanwhile his opponent, Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney held a roundtable with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce.

It's part of a week long tour where she's highlighting businesses that are growing on the heels of recent tax cuts.


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