August 8, 2018 • Press Release


Another ally of Rep. Claudia Tenney has been mired by corruption. This time, Representative Chris Collins, whose PAC donated $3,000 to Tenney’s campaign, was recently indicted on insider trading charges. Collins, a fellow New York Republican, had also been investigated by the House Ethics Committee, and surrendered to federal agents in Manhattan this morning. Collins had previously endorsed Tenney and said he was “proud” to be supporting her. Tenney said that she was “happy” to accept his endorsement and praised Collins, who faces 13 counts of securities fraud, as “a champion of standing for our small business community.”

Ellen Foster, campaign manager for Tenney’s opponent, Anthony Brindisi, called on Tenney to return the $3,000 in campaign cash that Tenney accepted from Collins’ PAC. “This is not an isolated incident for Rep. Tenney. She’s taken thousands from corrupt representatives and Washington insiders,” said Foster. “Now it’s been revealed that another corrupt politician has given her money. Tenney should return the $3,000 to send her constituents a message that corruption on both sides of the aisle is wrong.”

While Tenney has tried to position herself as a crusader against corruption, she’s been silent about corrupt politicians who walk the halls of Congress with her. While Brindisi stood up to party leadership and pushed for Sheldon Silver’s ouster, Tenney has chosen to benefit from and ignore corruption in her own party. She took over $20,000 from Richard Uihlein who funded the Roy Moore Campaign. She refused to return the $1,000 donation from disgraced Congressman Pat Meehan, who used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint from a former female staffer. She took $5,000 from Adam Kidan, a former associate of Jack Abramoff who pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy. With the latest news about Representative Collins, it’s clear that Tenney’s criticisms of corruption are nothing but a cheap political ploy.

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