Meet Anthony

Elected in 2018, Anthony Brindisi has been an outspoken advocate for his district. His bipartisan leadership in Congress has allowed him to bring Upstate values to Washington and reach across the aisle to deliver results for NY-22. As a political reformer, an independent voice, and a tireless supporter of Upstate New York’s working families, Anthony has developed a proven record of working with anyone, at any time, to get things done. For Anthony, it doesn't matter what your party line is – what matters is a shared goal of creating positive change in Upstate New York.

Currently serving his first term, Anthony is delivering real results for his community. To date, four of his bills have already been signed into law by President Trump, including legislation to improve mental health services for Veterans and help prevent Veteran suicide. After failure from previous representation, Anthony successfully led efforts to require the Department of Defense to purchase American-made flatware, which is manufactured in Upstate New York and will bring millions of dollars to the local economy. From increasing access to quality, affordable health care to bringing jobs back to Upstate, Anthony is tireless when it comes to fighting for our priorities.

Anthony was born and raised in Utica, just like his father Louis, who studied law before marrying Anthony’s mother, Jacqueline. From a young age, Anthony understood the importance of caring for others. When he was just four years old, Anthony and his five siblings lost their mother after a long and arduous struggle with lung and brain cancer. Anthony’s older sisters, Mary, Roseanne, and Eva, were instrumental in raising him and instilled in him the values of integrity, hard work, and compassion – which continue to guide his work as a public servant. Anthony worked at a local McDonalds during high school, then went on to attend Mohawk Valley Community College before graduating from Siena College and Albany Law School.

Before he was elected to represent NY-22, Anthony served on the Utica School Board, where he helped champion a major school modernization project, and in the New York Assembly, where he earned a reputation for his principled bipartisanship.

While serving in the Assembly, he stood as a critical voice for seniors, Veterans, nurses, teachers, and children. Recognizing the need to close the middle skills job gap and better prepare students for high-wage, high-skill careers, Anthony authored and passed his "21st Century Education Initiative '' to create a diploma pathway for high school students. In an age of hyper-partisanship, he was able to help turn state deficits into surpluses, deliver middle-class tax cuts, invest in infrastructure, and protect defense installations in the state from closure.

Anthony, forty-one years old, resides in his hometown of Utica with his wife and high school sweetheart, Erica McGovern Brindisi, a biology professor at Mohawk Valley Community College, and their two young children, Anthony, Jr. and Lily Grace.


I believe working together is the key to finding solutions that can make a difference for our families and community. 95% of my bills are bipartisan, and by bringing people from both parties together, we have made real strides and delivered results for the district -- and we’re just getting started.

I believe in an economy that rewards hard work. In Congress, I have fought for, and passed, legislation to bring jobs back to Upstate. We need to create private-sector jobs, invest in our local economy with tax breaks for the working and middle class, and ensure our local workforce is ready to fill new jobs. We must invest in education and infrastructure to attract new businesses, while using apprenticeship programs to train those who will rebuild our manufacturing base and prepare them for good-paying jobs.

I want to expand access to job training and education programs by building on my successful state effort to create a CTE diploma pathway for students to help prepare them for the jobs that are available today in the trades and advanced manufacturing.

Our children are our future, which is why I support robust investments in America’s public schools, including the digital infrastructure that students need to compete in the 21st Century. I have also fought at the state level for adequate and equitable funding of public schools so that all children receive a quality education.

As I travel across the district, I hear constantly from folks concerned about the skyrocketing cost of health care. We need to fix our broken system, not tear it apart. In Congress, I voted to require health insurance companies to cover people with preexisting conditions, fighting back against irresponsible and heartless health care policies that would kick millions of people off their insurance and hurt families, women, seniors and individuals with disabilities. But the work doesn’t stop there. I have also led the effort to crack down on big drug companies who try to stop generic drugs coming to the market, so people have access to more affordable prescription drugs.

It’s critical that we expand access to opioid treatment resources and address the flow of illegal drugs into our communities. That’s why I helped pass the first-ever fentanyl sanctions effort to force the Chinese government to honor their commitment to make all fentanyl illegal and give law enforcement more resources to go after illegal drug traffickers in China, Mexico, and other countries to stop deadly opioids from entering our country.

Some in Washington want to privatize Social Security and Medicare, putting millions of Americans' retirements at risk in the stock market, while Wall Street would reap the profits. I strongly oppose any effort to privatize Medicare and Social Security, and I will continue to fight all attempts to privatize or voucher these critical programs our seniors rely upon. In Congress, I am taking on the big pharmaceutical companies to reduce the costs of prescription drugs. I also voted to pass the historic Lower Drug Costs Now Act to allow Medicare to negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical companies, cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors, and save $500 billion over 10 years to reinvest in strengthening Medicare and combating the opioid crisis. No one should go without the medicine they need simply because they cannot afford it.

This district is my home, and it is my honor and duty to serve the people of Upstate New York. In Congress, I have made it my number one priority to listen and represent every corner of the district, not just the wealthy chosen few. I’ve held town halls in every county in the district to hear directly from you and take your thoughts, feedback, and priorities to Washington. I have established local Advisory Committees made up of Upstate New York Veterans and farmers to shape my work on the Veterans’ Affairs and Agriculture Committees. I will work with anyone to deliver results and get things done for our families and communities.