Growing the Economy for Businesses and Workers

In order for our region to thrive, we must build a diverse economy that strengthens the middle class by focusing on manufacturing and technology, small business creation, agriculture, education and career training. That’s why I partnered with local entrepreneurs to require the Department of Defense purchase American-made flatware, which is manufactured in Upstate New York and will bring millions of dollars to the local economy. I am proud to have successfully passed the legislation after it was defeated under past representation.

Government should and can reduce regulatory burdens and create an environment that encourages investment and job creation by bringing together small businesses, local colleges and technical schools, and community leaders to start conversations that develop solutions.

I believe government should be a partner in building a strong economy. When costs are rising, we need to protect consumers so they have more money in their pockets. Whether it’s a cable bill, cell phone bill, utility bill or prescription drug costs, our focus must be on lowering the cost of living and raising peoples’ pay. We should start by driving down prescription drug costs and preventing mega corporate mergers that create monopolies and inflate costs.

Next, we need to keep taxes low and support an economy that rewards the American worker. This means cracking down on countries that cheat and eliminating tax breaks for big businesses that ship jobs overseas, instead pushing for smart tax policies that help businesses grow and hire.

Finally, we need a real infrastructure plan to fix our aging roads, bridges and water systems. We also need to make sure every American has access to high-speed internet, especially in our underserved urban and rural communities. I took my fight against Spectrum Cable to Congress and called for an investigation of Spectrum Cable for violating terms of its merger with Time-Warner cable, after Spectrum illegally raised rates on former Time-Warner customers.