Fighting for The Middle Class - Anthony Brindisi’s New Financial Initiatives

Being a political reformer throughout his career, Anthony Brindisi does everything possible to change the life of Upstate New Yorkers for the better. Anthony wants all voices to be heard and fights for the middle class to help the residents beat the financial difficulties they typically face on a daily basis. While people are tired of walking this way on their own, Anthony Brindisi creates new financial initiatives to lend a helping hand to the most vulnerable population and help Upstate New York become the place to live and reach even the greatest financial goals.

Equal Education Opportunities

Anthony Brindisi strongly believes qualified education plays a significant role in our future well-being. That is why education must be accessible to everyone who wants to obtain it. Providing youth with equal learning opportunities is the first step we must take to improve their quality of life in the future. It requires increased funding in the sphere of education, including professional treatments and equipment for schools. We also must provide low-income families with financial assistance in order to help talented students get the education they deserve regardless of their financial situation.

Small Business Financing

Small business development is very important for our overall well-being. Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create new meaningful jobs with greater job satisfaction than positions with larger, traditional companies. They foster local economies, keeping money close to home and supporting neighborhoods and communities. Anthony Brindisi believes we must support small businesses by creating a system of benefits for owners to help small local companies grow. It will also encourage new services and goods that all the Upstate New Yorkers deserve to have. Moreover, Mr. Brindisi wants to make starting a new business accessible to everyone and calls on financial institutions to support start-ups by providing fair and affordable assistance for new players in the market.

Income Growth of the Working Residents

Middle-class families rely almost completely on what they earn to cover their consumer spending, which is usually not enough. Anthony is sure that fair labor must be paid off and stands for higher rewards for the hard-working middle class. He believes we must reform our economy to make it serve people first. We must provide workers with livable and competitive wages and create a favorable working environment for our residents. We also need public investment programs to create jobs and develop infrastructure. 

Affordable Financial Assistance

Residents with below-average usually spend almost all they have earned to cover their daily needs. They typically don’t have much money in savings accounts and can’t beat financial problems without additional financing. It also may lead to debt accumulation that eventually affects their credit scores. As it is usually a challenge to get additional funds with bad credit or low income, Anthony stands for creating new lending programs for residents with bad credit scores. His new initiative, in partnership with lending companies and traditional financial institutions, can help people with different credit get the assistance they may need right away.

Cutting Taxes

Anthony is sure we need to reduce the tax burden to boost household demand by raising workers' take-home pay. It allows families to get some additional funds they can save or spend for covering their urgent needs. It may also help to increase small business demand by increasing after-tax cash flow. It helps owners pay dividends or create a better working environment. A high level of taxation, including food sales tax, is a big problem we must solve to change the middle class’ lives for the better.